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Zwift and Vätternrundan in cooperation about online exercise


It is now possible for participants of Vätternrundan to exercise together with other cyclists from all over the world during winter. Through a new partnership with the digital platform Zwift, virtual exercise in groups are offered. A clever way to get prepared for the world’s largest recreational bike ride.

It is getting more usual that cyclists engage in structured exercise during winter with individual exercise programs and personal coaches. A trend that is up and coming is virtual gaming environments where a software is connected with your trainer. With the software connected you can cycle together with other cyclists from all over the world in virtual landscapes online.

Sweden has a strong market for this kind of products thanks to a high digital acceptance and a long winter. Zwift is the most popular service available and has many cyclists using their platform for a fun indoor exercise. Now Vätternrundan takes another step in to the digital world together with its participants.

– This cooperation let us give our participants a nice push to keep cycling during winter and to be more prepared when it’s time to get out on the track in June, says Ulrika Smith Svenstedt, Marketing Director of Vätternrundan. It is also a social way of getting to know other cyclists and get into team spirit before the race.

Through this cooperation participants of Vätternrundan will have the opportunity to join a twelve-week Zwift Group Ride focusing on Vätternrundan. An exclusive Vätternrundan event will also be held by Zwift during spring.

– I'm extremely excited about this partnership with Vätternrundan, says Eric Min, Zwift CEO and Co-Founder. As the world's largest recreational bike ride, it's a hugely prestigious event and one that certainly requires plenty of training to get fit for such a huge challenge.

– Fitting that training in amongst long, cold winters and around work and family time can prove to be difficult. Zwift is a great tool for fitting quality structured training in and around these pressures – allowing cyclists to get in the saddle more often than ever before. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Zwift will help get you to the start of Vätternrundan in better shape than ever before - allowing you to get even more from your outdoor riding experience.

Vätternrundan is the world’s largest recreational bike race, arranged by the non-profit association Motala AIF since 1966. Every year about 38 000 cyclists from all over the world participate in the races during one week of cycling events. Vätternrundan includes Vätternrundan 300 km, Halvvättern 150 km, Tjejvättern 150 km, Vätternrundan 100 km, MTB-Vättern, Minivättern and the arena competition Vättern Bike Games. Vätternrundan is part of the Swedish folklore. In 2013 Vätternrundan was the first sports event in Sweden to get certified by ISO 20121 standard for sustainable events. 

Om Vätternrundan

Vätternrundan är världens största motionslopp på cykel och arrangeras sedan starten 1966 av den ideella föreningen Motala AIF. Årligen deltar ca 38 000 cyklister från hela världen i loppen under Cykelveckan. Vätternrundan innefattar även Halvvättern 150 km, Tjejvättern 100 km, Vätternrundan 100 km, MTB-Vättern och Minivättern. Vätternrundan är en del av den svenska folksjälen. Vätternrundan blev 2013 det första idrottsarrangemanget i Sverige certifierade enligt ISO 20121, standard för hållbarhet vid evenemang.


Andreas Andersson
Andreas Andersson